For foreign customer

① 注文住宅(House buiding)

LOAFER ~Resort Home
We offer a detached house with various designs. Operation area: Saitama, Tokyo
Please see the model hosue page.

② 池坊(Japanese flower arrangement;Ikenobou workshop)

Guide to HIRO Construction
Japanese culture, Ikenobou lesson is open on every Thursday from 7:30P.M.
We have a professional teacher and English speaker.
Let’s learn Japanese cultuer with fun.
Please visit instagram “niwaka_flowerdesign” to see our flower design.
Instructor: Sanae Tajima 講師:田嶋早苗 池坊東京千心会

Contact information

Please contact Aya Nagai for all English information.
Phone: 080-4354-5043
Address: zip358-0054 1390-2Noda, Iruma-city, Saitama Japan

My name is Aya Nagai. I have studied in Seattle for two years. After coming back to Japan,
I worked at a real estate company in Tokyo and took care of foreign people in Tokyo.
I would like to help their living in Japan and advertise a Japanese culture.